Essential IT Support
for your business

Fresh Business IT are experts in the field of business IT. Our team includes IT consultants and engineers who specialise in business solutions and IT support, disaster recovery and web hosting. Serving clients in North West, West and Central London.

Essential IT Support for your business

Why choose us?

Tired of being let down by your IT support? Looking for effective, tailored and highly accountable business IT Support? Look no further!

Fresh Business IT was established in 2005, and our team has over 50 years’ combined experience in offering expert, flexible and unbeatable priced IT services. We were founded with the recognition that businesses of all sizes need reliable IT and technical support from a company that specifically caters to your needs. We pride ourselves on our business focus with a full range of computer support services including server installation, data security, web hosting, IT maintenance and more.

Delivering essential IT support to businesses’ in North, North West and Central London

Based in North London, and serving a variety of businesses in the London area, we support businesses of all sizes and our highly professional approach ensures you get a fast, extremely reliable and accountable business IT service

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Our guarantee

Comprehensive IT Support – the way you want it

We aim to help all our clients improve their overall business performance with effective IT infrastructure and support. You know exactly what your business needs to be a success.

It’s our job to give you the IT tools that help you achieve that – with the minimum of fuss and interruption to your business.

All of our IT work is project managed and our Microsoft Certified professionals work with you every step of the way to ensure our solutions are right for your business. With world class IT support, an expert knowledge base and a team with a passion for delivering, you can be sure all our work for you will be individually tailored, innovative and effective – as well as all delivered for an excellent price.

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At Fresh Business IT we pride ourselves on our professional service and our exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction reflect that. We are constantly in communication with our clients and are always looking to get feedback on what we do to ensure we can improve it. The results speak for themselves in repeat custom and the deep relationships we develop with our customers. Click here to find out what just a few have to say:

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Quick Quote

Our client tailored approach means Fresh Business IT can support any of your business IT needs. Contact us with your requirements for an instant quote on any of the IT services we provide.

Support packages

Support packages

No business can prosper without the right IT Support and there’s no one size fits all solution to every customer’s needs. That’s why Fresh Business IT offers a full range of bespoke business IT support packages. Whether it’s all inclusive managed support with our Fresh Business ITpro and pro+ package plans, flexible ad hoc support with our Fresh Business IT Flexi support or even direct pay-as-you-go support on an hourly basis, we have a solution that fits your business.

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Fresh Business IT is an active part of the UK IT business community. Our business partners include:

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