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Network Upgrades

Are slow network speeds costing you man hours, customers and money?

Your network is the foundation upon which your business IT sits.It needs to be invested in!

If it isn’t running smoothly the effect on your business productivity can be devastating.There’s an old saying that applies here: In a car the only thing between you and the cold, hard road are your tires. So what kind of tires are you going to buy to keep you and your family safe? We expect the answer is very, very good ones!

The same principle applies to your network. Without a solid network your business IT risks going off the road in a data disaster or simply taking you nowhere, very slowly.

An inferior network can mean:

• Poor employee efficiency and wasted man hours

• Customer frustration

• Business lost that adversely affects your bottom line

Fresh Business IT understands this and we’re proud of our first class reputation for delivering dynamic network solutions to a wide variety of customers.

The benefits of an upgraded network to your business

Getting a modern, fully upgraded network with Fresh Business IT will give you:

• Faster Speed

• Increased employee efficiency

• Improved IT resource sharing

• Software costs and management savings

We provide the full spectrum of network solutions and always use the highest quality components in our work. From initial network installations to large scale upgrading projects we do it all. Our offerings include:

• Site surveys

• New server and network installation

• New network cabling

• Cable running and site configuring, including fibre runs

• Network structure enhancement

• Network security improvement

• The bespoke redesign of entire network topologies

We cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes and our field experience ranges from setting up local small and medium sized businesses to large organisations and education centres with over a thousand users. Large or small, every network job we do is project managed to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Wi-Fi Installation

Wireless Connectivity designed for your business

A secure and reliable wireless connection is essential in any business network to properly utilize the portable devices every modern business uses. These include:

• Desktops

• Laptops

• Printers

• Tablets

• Smartphones etc.

At Fresh Business IT, we specialize in integrating wireless connections with your wired network, allowing you to effectively make use of these additional computing resources with minimal maintenance. We use tried and tested plug and play technology that ‘just works’ - and that’s a guarantee!

Saving money through the ether

Setting up a fully wired network can be expensive and we can help you reduce the cost of your entire network by getting rid of superfluous cabling.

Ask us about how your business can start to go ‘cable free ‘and save money.

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Business Broadband

Do you really have the speed your business needs?

No modern business can run effectively without a reliable broadband connection and we understand that calculating the exact bandwidth needed by your business is a must.

Don’t get caught in the slow lane!

High bandwidth use without the resources to back it up can result in slow performance on your network, making it difficult or impossible for your employees to efficiently use internet resources.

Fresh Business IT specializes in providing tailor made broadband solutions for your business. Our product range includes:

• ADSL (Asymmetric digital subscriber line)

• ADSL2+( Asymmetric digital subscriber line - International Telecommunication Union standard)

• SDSL (Symmetric digital subscriber line)

• VDSL2 Fibre Broadband (Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line 2)

• MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching)

• FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

• Tier 1 (Enterprise Level)

• Point to Point (Connected Sites)

We work in partnership with the best broadband providers in the UK and offer some of the most competitive prices on the market with a range of package options that include:

• Tier 1 Business Broadband – prices on enquiry

• ADSL Annex M with up to 16Mb/2.5Mb from £59 per calendar month

• ADSL2+ Up to 24 Mb/448KB from only £29.00 per calendar month

At Fresh Business IT we’ll help you discover exactly how much bandwidth your business needs and give it to you for the best price.

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Specialist Network Needs

When only the best connections will do

High quality fibre optic

Fresh Business IT specialises in high grade fibre optic installations and, for customers looking to expand their existing network to over 100 meters, the benefits are clear.

• Fibre Optic transmits data far faster than copper cables (cat-5 or cat-6) resulting in very high speeds on both sides of the network

• It can be run far longer distances

• The ideal choice for companies and institutions with larger networks or those looking to future proof their business

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(VOIP)Telephony and Free Internet Phone Calls

Just how much money is your business losing through the telephone?

Communication is key to any business and with the growing reach of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol traditional analogue telephony and the associated costs of long distance calls are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Using VoIP, which allows analogue audio signals to be turned into digital data transmitted over the internet, Fresh Business IT can:

• Provide you with free internet phone calls through your standard internet connection

• Help you conduct business anywhere in the world by avoiding the charges of the phone companies

• Give you free conference and video calls

• Provide you call hunting and re-directs to multiple numbers, including mobiles

Reliable Failover connections

How much money will even a short term server failure cost your business?

No matter how diligent your server maintenance there is always the risk of temporary downtime due to accidents, unexpected system failure or necessary maintenance. That can cause:

• Costly data loss

• Work delays

• Customer dissatisfaction and a damaged reputation

With Fresh Business IT you’re prepared for anything! We know exactly how costly any sort of downtime can be for our clients and that’s why we provide secure Failover connections to protect mission-critical networks. Our custom built secondary backbone connections are ready to take over from primary connections in the event of any failures or scheduled down time. With Fresh Business IT no matter whatever happens on the technical front your business keeps working.


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Support packages

Support packages

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