Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery


Disaster Recovery

Could your business survive if all your IT infrastructure or data was destroyed in a disaster like a fire, flood, theft or other unforeseen event?

Every business needs a Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure business continuity in the event of an accident or serious mishap that destroys part or all of its IT resources. The cost of physically replacing lost IT equipment can be bad enough, but it isn’t the biggest issue. Your [B] data alone is a priceless resource that your business can’t afford to lose. In some industries the loss of all or even part of your client data could be enough to totally shut down or destroy your business.

Your data is vitally important to you and we understand this. Fresh Business IT can advise clients on realistic disaster recovery planning, ensuring your business can continue seamlessly in the event of the unexpected and specialise in effective recovery control with three main approaches:

• Preventive

We work with clients with an aim to actually preventing a disaster level IT event from occurring in the first place

• Detective

We scrutinise our clients systems to detect unwanted events that could lead to data loss and give you a planned route through a potential disaster

• Corrective

Should the worst happen we specialize in fully correcting and restoring your system after a serious event

Business Continuity

Keeping your business going in the event of disaster

These approaches are all just part of how we work proactively with all our clients to create the most effective plan and a sustainable IT infrastructure. With our data back-up options we ensure that, should disaster strike, our clients can resume their normal computing capabilities as quickly as possible, ensuring business continuity.

Data Recovery

Prevention is better than cure. Let Fresh Business IT give you total peace of mind and safely back you up.

Backing up critical data is the foundation of any disaster recovery plan and key to effective business IT. Keeping your data safe to prevent disaster in the first place is one of our key aims at Fresh Business IT. We provide numerous options for securely backing up your data before any disaster can occur including Fresh Business IT data secure package, our fast, simple and scalable online backup solution. This premier Cloud based solution goes hand in hand with other possible options including:

• Remote backups and data mirroring

We can securely store your data on bespoke servers off site or data mirror them across several sites to ensure that no matter what happens at the office your data is always safe.

• Local backups

We can also set up Local backups on your premises in the form of secure NAS drives stored in a building away from the main server to keep the safe in the event of server room disasters.

• Unlimited data

You don’t need to worry about limits for how much we back up, we’ll protect as much as you need

• Version Control

We give you the ability to ‘roll back’ on your data to a version at any point after we started to back you up

With Fresh Business IT you'll always know that in the event of an unfortunate event you’ll still be able to access up to date information as soon as possible.

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Data Integrity

Is your data 100% safe?

Making sure that your confidential information can only be accessed or modified by those authorised to do so, and is safe from any possible physical damage, is a key concern for any business. We offer our clients myriad ways to bolster their data security including:

• Maintaining network administration and access levels for all your employees

• Setting up remote access to ensure your data never actually leaves the office or the Cloud, preventing the risk of its loss on misplaced storage devices or laptops

• Documenting system administration and maintenance procedures

• Protecting hardware and storage media from power surges or electrostatic discharges

• Keeping transmission mediums such as cables covered and protected so that can’t be tapped or cut

Intelligent Power Management

Running your IT inefficiently is costing your business money!

Every business is looking to save money - since IT investment can be particularly costly - and ensure it gets the most out its assets. While on-going electrical costs and IT wear and tear are unavoidable, your company could be losing even more money by failing to take intelligent power management seriously.

This can lead to higher electrical bills, a shorter lifespan for expensive IT components and increased downtime for maintenance.

Cut down on your bills and ensure IT longevity with Fresh Business IT

At Fresh Business IT we work with our clients to provide effective intelligent IT power management solutions. Using a combination of hardware and software we can optimise the distribution and use of electrical power in your office giving you:

• Reduced electrical bills

• A prolonged lifespan for your expensive IT hardware and components

• Reduced downtime for your IT

• A reduction in your businesses’ carbon footprint

Talk to Fresh Business IT today to find out how you can save money on your on-going IT costs.

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Support packages

Support packages

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