Server Upgrades

WARNING: Are you still running Windows Server 2003 or below? What will happen to your IT when Microsoft no longer supports them?

Your server is the engine room of your IT network and running it with outdated software can make it slow and inefficient. Worse yet servicing it when Microsoft no longer supports the software will quickly become a nightmare.

Fresh Business IT can help you avoid this by upgrading your servers and their operating systems giving you:

• Enhanced Server response times

• Use of their latest services

• Better compatibility with front end products

If you are running server products no longer supported by Microsoft like Windows 2003 Server, we can upgrade you to industry mainstays like Windows 2008 R2 with minimal fuss and minimal loss of productivity. We do not recommend using the latest Microsoft server products like Windows Server 2012 until Microsoft have ironed out all the bugs but can fully service them if needed.

Software Upgrades

Is all your businesses’ desktop software still fully supported?

As Microsoft drops support for older operating systems or office applications like Window XP and Office 2003, many businesses still using these operating systems are finding their IT adversely affected. Fresh Business IT specializes in seamless transitions from any OS up to Windows 8 (although we don’t recommend the newer products like Windows 8 for business use yet) and can upgrade all your office machines as required.

Your staff may need training within the software transition and we can also provide that as needed.

Site moves

Reduce the IT downtime from moving

Moving your business and its IT infrastructure to a new location can be costly and disruptive if not done right. Fresh Business IT is here to make any transition as easy as possible. We project manage each and every move on the ground to ensure the most accurate and realistic schedules- with us you’ll know exactly what to expect. Put your move into our hands and get the security of knowing your IT support will be back up and running as soon as possible.


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Support packages

Support packages

No business can prosper without the right IT Support and there’s no one size fits all solution to every customer’s needs. That’s why Fresh Business IT offers a full range of bespoke business IT support packages. Whether it’s all inclusive managed support with our Fresh Business ITpro and pro+ package plans, flexible ad hoc support with our Fresh Business IT Flexi support or even direct pay-as-you-go support on an hourly basis, we have a solution that fits your business.

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