What is virtualisation


Virtualisation, the benefits to you and savings to your business

• Improved data security

• Reduced IT costs

• Central management optimisation

Simply put Virtualisation is creating a virtual version of any computing resource or device stored on a central server that is accessible by end users. It allows one server to do the job of several machines, sharing the resources of that computer across your whole network or the creation of virtual desktops that multiple employees can use simultaneously.

Is your business data secure in the event of server failure?

Here at Fresh Business IT we specialise in creating and maintaining high quality bespoke virtual servers for your business that ensure it is. All our clients’ virtual servers are constantly monitored and backed up providing you with multiple benefits including a reduced risk of IT outages, dramatically shortening disaster recovery time and improving business continuity in the event of an IT disaster.

Are you potentially paying too much for Server Set Ups?

Your server costs can also be reduced because using our virtual servers also allows you to invest in a single more secure server that meets all your needs.

Virtual Desktops

Giving you the business desktop of the future

In the work place desktop virtualisation is technology used to separate a computer desktop environment from the physical computer. This means your employees working more efficiently on thin client platforms linked to a central machine. Our client tailored desktop virtualisation packages give Fresh Business IT customers a large number of practical efficiency gains including:

• The reduction of time spent on IT administration and database tasks

• Reduced hardware costs

• The ability for employees to access individual desktops and data from any office location

• A greater level of flexibility to meet changing business needs

• Improved centralisation and security

• Reduced software costs through application virtualisation

• A reduction in your carbon footprint making you a greener company

Do you want to reduce your starting IT cost by 20%?

Fresh Business IT can provide bespoke ‘thin client’ platforms’ with all our desktop virtualisation packages to give you a significant reduction in hardware costs. By having employees use our energy efficient workstations instead of individual PC’s you are not only reducing initial set up costs but also on-going costs. Additionally you’re also doing your part for the environment by improving your carbon foot print with fewer CO2 emissions.

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The real benefits of Cloud computing to your business

Cloud computing’s main benefit to you as a business is the ability to choose small on-going costs (OPEX model) as opposed to having to invest huge initial capital expenditure (CAPX model). Cloud computing can sometimes be referred to as SAAS (Software as a service.) As a result Cloud computing is an effective way to:

• Give your employees the flexibility to work from anywhere, on the go and during meetings

• Help your business to easily leverage additional computing power on platforms as diverse as laptops, tablets and even mobile phones

• Help keep your data secure

Is your head up in the Cloud yet? If not we can get you there

At Fresh Business IT we provide Cloud computing solutions that match the way you work. By simply logging into our secure Cloud based service your employees can access all the programs and data needed to do their jobs via remote machines. They can do everything from access email or word processing software to running complex data analysis programs. And with your data securely encrypted in the Cloud you avoid the potential costs that can come from losing it.

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Support packages

Support packages

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